Call Centre Systems

Maximize your calling capacity! The 2Call Call-Centre-in-a-Box solution is an incredibly simple, VoIP-based calling system designed to give your campaign all the benefits of a professional Call Centre with minimal on-site hardware and NO technical experience required.

Our system is designed from the ground-up to offer a complete Call Centre with zero hassle. Your system is a combination of on-site phones equipped with an interactive LCD display, and a server hosted by 2call. Each phone simply needs an internet connection to work. The server is a custom-designed predictive dialing system, able to analyze your calling pattern and maximize a volunteer's time in call. We do this by ensuring that the second a call is disconnected we have another one already in the queue, with advanced programming to ensure no callee is ever left in a hold queue.

All you need to do is connect the phones to a high-speed internet connection, press Login, and begin calling! No experience required, and if you're not familiar with the network requirements for VoIP we can include a pre-configured VoIP router that ensures each call is as good - if not better than - a land-line phone call

Please contact 2call for more information, or if you'd like to request a demo.

For more information, E-mail: or Call: 780.701.9222