Interactive Voice Response (IVR) Polling

An extension of our Automated Dialer suite, the 2call system is able to conduct polls, record responses numerically or in voice recording, and even transfer calls to a remote number based-on the response tree. All setup is still completely automated through the 2call portal meaning you can create advanced, quickly delivered polls whenever you like, to be delivered whenever you need.

Our system uses a Call Scripting tool in the 2call portal to help you quickly create new poll campaigns or copy existing campaigns to use a template for future calling. A single Call Script can: play an audio recording, play a recording and stop if voice is detected, play a recording that stops on key input, jump around the call script, forward a call, or programatically end a call, all controlled completely by you.

API access to the call system is also available. With a basic understanding of the 2call scripting language you can automatically record, create, and deploy Call Script-based campaigns completely through your own application, all at 2call's competitive pricing!

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