Telephone Town Halls

2call is the official and sole Canadian vendor of Telephone TownHall Meeting. Click the video to view a brief overview of how Town Halls work.

At Telephone TownHall Meeting we create a unique telephone forum that makes it easy for you to communicate with your target audience.

We provide a number of key services that are included in our standard pricing. That starts with Script-Writing Assistance for your live answer and voicemail prompts. We offer experienced Co-Hosting, participant question Screening, and detailed reporting following your live tele-townhall event.

You may also take advantage of optional Contact Collection or a real-time Donation Drive. Contact us today with questions or to schedule a Telephone Town Hall Meeting.

The TTHM Advantage

Telephone TownHall Meeting's experienced staff manages every aspect of your Town Hall Meeting to ensure a smooth forum. Other tele-townhall providers simply drop their customers into a live forum and hope for the best.

We provide your telephone town hall host with a Co-Host that dictates call flow, manages the web-based control platform, and runs live polls. All this so that your Candidate, Issue Advocate or Association Leadership can focus on creating a strong connection with the audience.

We also provide Call Screeners that manage incoming questions. Callers' comments are dictated into the live control platform so that your staff can select the topics that best reflect the purpose of your Town Hall Meeting.

You may also choose to include Contact Collectors that gather email and mailing addresses from call participants who choose to opt-in with that information.

Participants in your live forum will be eager to engage in personalized contact that contrasts sharply with the junk mail that they are accustomed to receiving.

Call or email us now to start creating Interactive Contact with groups of targeted households at a lower cost than a comparable direct mail campaign.

For more information, E-mail: or Call: 780.701.9222