• Your one stopContact Solution Welcome to 2call.ca! We are a full-service telecommunications provider specializing in large-scale contact systems for organizations. Our tools allow you to contact your constituents, members, or clients all at once, instantly.

    Check out projects for automated messaging, polling, live contact, or even our radio-show style telephone town halls, all for a very competitive price!
  • Voter Contact Auto call, or live Getting your message out requires the right tool for the job. We understand how important timely and effective delivery is, and provide a selection of live, automated, and blended calling solutions that guarantee every message and follow-up is handled professionally. Not sure what's right for you? Read more about how get your message out.
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  • Telephone Town Halls We provide your telephone town hall host with a Co-Host that dictates call flow, manages the web-based control platform, and runs live polls. All this so that your Candidate, Issue Advocate or Association Leadership can focus on creating a strong connection with the audience.

    Participants in your live forum will be eager to engage in personalized contact that contrasts sharply with the junk mail that they are accustomed to receiving.
  • On-site Solutions Call Center in a box Take your voter contact to the next level: our call center in a box solution puts the entire process of calling into the phone system. Let us initiate calls via predictive dialer, passing live calls to agents, with all the constituent's information (and tailored call script) instantly available on-screen. Your volunteers select on-screen options based on replies.
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  • Voter Contact SMS Broadcasting Modern voters are increasingly tech-savvy, using text messaging, social media, and other tools to communicate. Join the conversation with two-way text messaging and polling. Our system can broadcast messsages, record replies, respond to keywords, and even run polls on your cell phone lists with massive capacity to reach tens of thousands of contacts!
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Voter Contact

Communicating with your members or constituents is the single most important key to your campaign's success. Let 2call help you decide what method of contact best suits your needs for: message broadcasting, polling, or live calling, or any appropriate mix of these.

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Town Hall

Our Telephone Town Hall meeting is a full service, one-stop solution to reach thousands instantly with an interactive, radio-show style conference. 2call's staff will take care of the entire call setup, including a professional co-host and call screeners.

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On-Site Solutions

Looking to add the power of modern telephone technology to your campaign in a simple, effective way? Our on-site services provide a range of solutions from basic dial-tone phone service, to integrated, easy-to-use call center solutions for any level of technical skill.

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