Automated Dialer

Sometimes called "Demon Dialer", the 2call automated dialer system quickly delivers a recorded message to a list of phone numbers. Our advantage comes from automation and call capacity. Setting-up, recording, and delivering you message is completely automated. Once you've been provided with a 2call account you'll be able to instantly upload phone lists, make recordings, and launch scheduled campaigns anywhere in North America. Call cost is per minute of connected call-time (in 30/6 billing), so you never pay for calls that don't connect

Have an emergency call? We can do it, fast. Our servers can process over 200,000 calls per hour depending on the phone grid at destination, meaning your message can hit a number of people, very-VERY quickly. All calls are sent with the highest call quality, and every phone call made is delivered completely based-on your configured call schedule.

You are instantly notified when campaigns are completed, and every call attempt is logged and available in downloadable CSV format. Need more information about a particular number? Every phone list has customizable "fields" you can associate with the number, ensuring no data is lost from your list during processing.

2call develops our own call processing solutions, meaning every part of this system is monitored and controlled in-house. Every connection to the phone grid, every piece of network hardware, every server, and every web page was built for the purpose of ensuring your call is delivered perfectly to its' intended recipients

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